We teach robots to learn

the way we humans learn.

We allow them to gain their own experience

and we teach them self-reflection.

We do not believe that robots built on a lot of data will acquire human intelligence.

In this we are going outside the mainstream.

We teach robots gradually, as we all learned.

First, as first-year students at school, we explain them one concept after another. We show them the connections.

Based on an ontological description of the world (Aristotle would be happy), we gradually teach them to learn domain by domain and finally the world around them.

We are still at the beginning..but we already have the first results. The robots draw their own conclusions based on the contexts they have learned.

They can create a map of the company and efficiently process information from the web, internal databases, blogs and videos.

If they don't know, they ask a person. They keep the know-how and DNA of companies.
Our product ❯

But we want to go further. And we have a plan.

As humans, we are all different and we develop thanks to mutual interactions (and let's face it, especially with the guys).

At some point, we also have to go through individuation (that is, if we don't want to have a real accident in the future). We want to enable all of this for our robots.

We are inspired by what is closest to us: nature and people.

This is how our approach differs from the principles of machine learning.

We build robots on three pillars:
I. Diversity II. Interactions III. Self-reflection

And why are we doing all this?

We are driven by the spirit of exploration.

But we are also pragmatists. For each of our robots, we find ongoing application.

First of all, the helpers are the “supporters“ at work.

They will later become the core of any business. They will have the most information and the most comprehensive insights.

They will therefore help managers make better decisions.

Without them, effective management of the company will not be possible.

And what will happen next? We will release them into the world - we will let them gather experience and verify it in practice.

Later, through mutual interaction, they will also acquire general knowledge about the world. They will become personalities and will continuously develop.

And what will we do, people?

We are convinced that robots will ultimately help us to be better people. That it is thanks to them that we will appreciate and develop the human in us.

Our plan

We help companies in digital transformation. We train robots for different domains and knowledge models.
We have a finished ontological description of the world.
Associative learning - robots automatically create their own “neuronal synapses“
Self-configuration - robots automatically acquire knowledge from various sources in a given domain.
Cooperative learning and self-reflection.
Diversity will give rise to AGI - each robot has its own special experiences. By interacting with each other, robots create new ideas. The evolution of robots is unstoppable.

Who will join us?

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