Entrust him with the automation of your process when..

You are facing a shortage of human capital.

You have a lot of data hidden in unstructured texts.

You have to transcribe data between systems..

You receive a big amount of enquires from employees and customers.

Human interaction is needed in your processes.

You need to search for information based on incomplete data.

Your process is too complex for standard automation.

What has X-Bot helped our clients with?

X-Bot Use cases

Selection of appropriate product according to customer preferences

Automatic creation of a comprehensive corporate knowledge base

Automatic generation of personalized offers

Automatic identification of customers according to needs

Product search in complex product families

Answering customers' freely formulated technical questions

Personalized active customer outreach based on the displayed web content

Searching client manuals and searching through manuals

Dynamically generated workflow according to the customer's problem

Evaluation of cutomer's needs

Evaluation of cutomer's behaviour on the web

Customer satisfaction measurement using NPS directly in the bot

The X-Bot platform combines a multitude of technologies and competencies into a single tool.

How fast is our X-Bot evolving?

X-Bot already reads and replies to emails (Viesmmann, LegalTech)

Orchestrator and NLP

GPT integration

X-Bot platform uses an ontological model (BBSK, Xella)

Intelligent search using the X-Bot kernel - search with knowledge relevance assessment (ComAp)

Questionnaire system (Onio)

X-Bot can connect to any IS (BBSK)

X-Bot Live Chat (Mastersport)

Marketing analytics

Dynamic tree system generates the necessary set of questions in real time (Viessmann)

Migration of manually modelled conversation context (Viessmann)

Editor for contextual learning of virtual agent, knowledge isolation of bots (Viessmann)

Telemetry and self-analysis of the bot

Viessmann solution ranks in the top 5 Worldwide Viessmann awards

External links (hyperlinks and videos) (Mastersport)

Workflow editor - static process (Xella)

Viessmann solution wins Microsoft AI awards

Dynamically typed FAQs and manual intent model

Separation of concepts from knowledge - adding knowledge increases the quality of understanding (Xella)

Creating an X-Bot platform with its own knowledge editor

Virtual agent for ComAp wins Microsoft AI awards

Deep context and sentence understanding (Viessmann)

Intuitive extraction - support for multiple intents in a single sentence. Linking Expert System with NLP (O2 demo)

First delivered chatbot (Comap)

Coming soon...

Automatic self-configuration of the bot according to the web


  • Developed conversation / consultation (deep context)
  • Diagnostics - Active Solution to Customer Problem
  • Topic classification
  • Document generation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Callback
  • Web Navigation
  • Data collection (questionnaires, wizards)
  • Answers FAQs
  • Tree Answers
  • User ID
  • Customer Customization
  • Smart Search
  • RPA (bot performs an action)
  • Asynchronous communication
  • FAQs editor
  • Dialogue-Flow Editor
  • Dashboard
  • Trending
  • Evaluation of KPIs
  • Statistical Reports
  • in documents
  • on the web
  • English
  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • Most EU languages
  • Understanding the deep context (intelligent interpretation of past data)
  • Understanding the complex sentence
  • Intuitive extraction (prediction of future questions)
  • Co-working of operators
  • Conversation and ticket management
  • Reports and activity statistics
  • User history (overview of visits)
  • Insert images (Clipboard)
  • Text styling (paragraphs)
  • Manage offline conversations
  • Connection with X-Bot
  • Intelligent text search and processing
  • Answers FAQs
  • Dispatcher (mail classification)
  • Email Prefilter

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