We create self-improving robots.

We design a new type of cognitive AI for businesses and people

and we teach robots to make intelligent decisions.

We automate sophisticated company process.

All critical processes are based on communication

and therefore processes must be automated "end-to-end".

To achieve this, we combine automation with conversational AI

we gain insights from unstructured data

and we're teaching robots to make smart decisions.

Platform for intelligent automation of company processes

No-code platform for orchestrating, mapping and managing sophisticated processes.

Optimizes processes, reduces costs and increases competitiveness.

Integrates digital technologies, BPM and RPA with NLP

can involve people in the process and understands unstructured data

continuously self-improving

It provides easy training of knowledge and processes

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We start where standard forms of automation end

We work with scientists

We won Microsoft AI Awards 2X

We teach robots self-reflection

We believe that NLP is the missing piece of the automation puzzle

We help companies with digital transformation

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Intelligent automation of sophisticated processes

“end-to-end” process automation
Continuous self-learning
Automation of unstructured data
Easy maintenance and training
Libor Bešenyi
Co-CEO in Xolution
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Before you contact us, you should know:

WARNING, we are cyber rebels

For 4 years we have been building brutal quality virtual agents with an unexplored cybernetics architecture. No one else does it like this.

Sure, everyone says they have unique technology. What is Xolution really like?

The reality is that we are cyber rebels and we don't use the buzzwords AI and machine learning on purpose.

We have taken two current, separate streams of cyber-linguistics and combined them in one functional model.

We're the only ones to do it so far. In the world of artificial intelligence, this solution is referred to as unfeasible, as foolishness.

It worked for us.

While others are either expensive because the product is complicated or cheap but unusable. Thanks to an elegant twist in the product architecture, we managed to increase the quality of understanding while simultaneously reducing the cost of implementation. So today, even an ordinary support employee can train a bot in a quality that until now only corporations could afford.

In addition, the quality of understanding is continuously increasing.

Each client teaches our core virtual agent something new, and he automatically uses this experience for the next one.

That's how it's built from day one, automatically improving itself.

1 x
Innovator of the Year
2 x
Microsoft Awards winner
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Štefánikova 20, Košice

Na Strži 2102/61a, Praha

IČO: 36 205 338


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