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Manufacturer and supplier of the world famous Ytong building system

Automation of technical queries with continuous self-learning.
Reducing response time.
Analyzing customer needs.
„After the introduction of the virtual agent, communication with our customers is more intense and our customer support more effective.“

Luděk Suchomel, Marketing Manager CEE, Xella CZ


Xella wanted to create a superior relationship and dialogue with its customers. In the case of physical operators, this would have mean a demanding 3-shift operation of the chat. At the same time, Xella needed to make sure that even during seasonal peaks, it would not happen that a customer would not reach the call center.

In addition, Xella has a fairly complex and sophisticated product range, and helping users navigate its offer is essential for customer satisfaction. At the same time, by introducing progressive technologies, the company is pursuing a long-term increase in its competitiveness.


We have trained an X-Bot for Xella based on real chat questions so that it is able to answer technical questions that are not traceable on the website. X-Bot automates pre-sales questions, but also questions in the „care“ category, i.e. what to choose and how to use the product.

The virtual agent will offer the customer a relevant subpage, video or advice directly from the FAQs and can answer naturally asked questions. (conjunctions, complex sentence constructions...)

Digitized customer support

Digitized customer support

Active web navigation

Active web navigation

Automatic selection of information source

Automatic selection of information source


8 000 x

monthly virtual agent offers assistance to customers


customers per month X-Bot will help to solve the query

30 x

per month X-Bot will generate a lead

After deploying the assistant, the number of chat conversations with customers increased 5 times and in more than half of the cases it happened outside normal working hours. Thanks to his assistance, the “response time“ when dealing with technical queries was also reduced.

Xella has gained an “all-encompassing tool“ in the virtual agent that allows the company to be closer to its customers and always get information when there is a problem.


Continuous learning

Evaluating customer


Evaluating customer

behaviour on the web

Virtual Agent

Contextual Learning Editor

What the client said

„We are delighted to have chosen Xolution's virtual agent and to be working together with groundbreaking technology. We believe that we will be able to keep up with the trends in digitalization and increase our company's competitiveness in this fast-paced world in the long run.“

Jan Podbřecký, Marketing specialist, Xella CZ.

Xella International operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and represents the famous YTONG brand of aerated concrete. YTONG products are very well known and popular on our market and are synonymous with international style that is modern and innovative.

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