A global manufacturer of premium heating and cooling technology

Increase the efficiency of the product search process by 70%.
40% automation of the lead gen customer process.
„Xolution's virtual agent saves our people's time and improves the quality of communication with our customers. It increases the competitiveness of the whole company.“

Miroslav Janda, General Manager of Viessmann Slovakia


Viessmann wanted to enable customers and partners to search products based on partial or missing data. At the same time, X-Bot was supposed to relieve technicians from questions that have only administrative character and are holding them back from professional work. From a business perspective, Viessmann wanted to keep customers on the website and ensure qualification of leads so offers can react /respond to specific requirements of customers. The company wanted to innovate and start building competencies on progressive technologies.


We have taught X-Bot to provide product service information and help the company's customers navigate the complex product offering. We have automated back office processes for processing leads. For technicians, we have integrated X-Bot on Whatsapp, where it provides information to them directly in the field. X-Bot on the web helps with qualifying customer needs and with collecting leads. He became a consultant for the area of subsidies on the company's special landing page.


200+ FAQs from Viessmann's customers


5000+ alternative question formulations

Bot manager allows

simple training of other questions


25 000

times per month, X-Bot will offer assistance to customers

1 000

of customers per month X-Bot will help to solve the query

40 %

customers leave their contact thanks to X-Bot


Interactive Knowledge Map

Deep Conversation Context

Dynamic Tree System

- generates the necessary set of questions in real time

Knowledge isolation

for each topic

Search client manuals

/ search within manuals

Dynamically generated workflow

according to the type of customer's problem

Interesting fact

The extraordinary nature of the X-Bot solution is also proven by the fact that this product was awarded in the international Viessmann Awards competition and also won the Microsoft Awards for 2021!

What the client said

„Our goal is to create a living space for future generations, and in this effort X-Bot became a member of our Viessmann family in Slovakia. It can relieve us of a lot of work. His achievements convince us that X-Bot is the right way for us.“

Tomáš Matušovič, Product Manager and support for digital products, Viessmann s.r.o.

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