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60% automation of online customer support
Combined solution of the X-Bot platform: virtual agent + live chat + ticketing system
„X-Bot offers more than we expected. Thanks to it, our team is getting noticeably fewer conversations to handle, despite the fact, that the number of interactions with site visitors has increased.“

Vítězslav Rak, Managing Director, MASTER SPORT s.r.o.


Mastersport is an experienced player in the field of e-commerce, which has been looking for technologies to improve and automate customer care for a long time. Unfortunately, none of the chatbots worked for them, and the e-shop was afraid of an outflow of customers due to poor responses. Our task was to maximize the number of conversations that the virtual agent could respond to, continuous operation, and to ensure better communication than chatbot or other solutions. MasterSport also needed to connect multiple applications and allow employees to work in one collaborative tool.


We have trained X-Bota specially for the e-shop in two modes. It answers customer questions just like a human customer support colleague , but it can also actively offer and recommend goods as a merchant.

In addition to answering questions, X-Bot offers customers content from blogs and videos that they would not otherwise be able to reach. This builds a relationship with shoppers and keeps them engaged on the site for a long time.

How does a virtual agent learn to respond to customer inquiries? At Mastersport, they can train them themselves in an intuitive editor. If necessary, we can adjust X-Bot. In fact he is collecting datas about converastions that he didn’t know how to answer. In that case we‘ll analyse conversations, prepare answers and train X-Bot to make him a bit better.

Understands loosely formulated sentences

Understands loosely formulated sentences

Actively recommends relevant goods

Actively recommends relevant goods

Automatically indexes web content into his knowledge

Automatically indexes web content into his knowledge


After deploying X-Bot, the number of conversations increased by 3 times, but the number of conversations that customer support had to resolve decreased. Thanks to that, the team can provide personalized guidance. Thanks to our analytics, the client also gained a detailed overview of what makes customers unhappy. He can then respond to the most pressing topics in his marketing communication.

It will help

110 000

customers every month


75 %

queries on the web



chats per month


Interactive multi-step

search with hints

Indexing of web page content

into bot knowledge

External links and hyperlinks

automatically offered by the bot according to relevance

Combined X-Bot platform solution:

virtual agent + live chat + ticketing system


We continue to work with Mastersport to deepen automation, add additional languages and integrate more functionality of the X-Bot platform into client processes. All with the goal of addressing human capital capacity gaps and increasing process efficiency.

What the client said

X-Bot offers more than we expected.

“Thanks to the X-Bot, our customer support gets significantly fewer conversations, even though the number of interactions with website visitors has increased. Thanks to the virtual agent, we are closer to our customers and offer them better service. With the experience of competing solutions, we were pleasantly surprised by the professional solution of the virtual agent and the entire Xolution team. The big advantage is that X-Bot is constantly learning and thus responds to our customers and the development of our company.“

Vítězslav Rak, Managing Director, MASTER SPORT s.r.o.

The Czech company MASTER SPORT has been selling sports equipment for families with children and single people since 2004. The owners and founders of the company are themselves passionate athletes. The company has also introduced its own brand of sports equipment. You will find their products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where they have their own e-shops, but also in Poland and Hungary.

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